Maximum concentration already in the morning? Heard right! Performance Food is the nutrition of the future: the increasing demands for thinking and creativity coupled with little time require a targeted diet. This food trend helps you to significantly increase your performance and concentration and thus noticeably improve your mental performance. Here you can find out more about optimal nutrition for your brain!


This mega trend, also known as “Performance Nutrition”, includes all foods that increase your concentration. They do not make you any smarter, but they naturally contain nutrients that help you get more mental performance and staying power. Among other things, you can use the concentration-enhancing foods:

push your energy, both in sports and at work
sleep better
promote your regeneration
Reduce stress
counteract the aging process


The term performance food is often associated with functional food quickly , but it is not synonymous. Performance Food serves only to increase the performance of the brain, whereas Functional Food contains as an additive other ingredients that bring a big benefit to your overall health.

For both food trends, the Nestlé Future Study predicts a further evolving megatrend [2]. From the survey on the eating behavior of the future until 2030, three major trends emerged:

Natural, regional food that is grown and prepared in a resource-efficient way.
Personalized nutrition based on the genetics of the individual eg. B. is
tailored by previously performed blood tests.
Performance Food will play a vital role in everyday meals and on the road.

In the future, food should no longer “taste good”, but ideally should bring additional health benefits as well as a means of enhancing the brain’s performance.

Eating is less and less a social event where meals are taken with family and friends. Instead, in the future, more will be eaten on the road, at work, on the way home or to the sport. There is no time for extensive cooking and enjoyable food. It takes a quick meal whose ingredients have to be highly efficient on performance.

Take Home Message # 1: Performance Food naturally contains nutrients that help you gain more mental performance and staying power. In comparison, Functional Food also has other ingredients that bring great benefits to your overall health.