1. Do-it-yourself aromatherapy

Different fragrances have a big influence on how we feel. Make ginger tea with pieces of fresh ginger, lemon juice and hot water, and shower with a fragrant hair shampoo. Attempt a daily indulging minute such as Head & Shoulders citrus fresh for an amazing begin to the day.

2. Eat confidence

Carbohydrates, fat and sugar have an impact on your state of mind and make you slow – the last thing you require for your self-esteem! Slowly burning energies and protein-rich food are ideal, for example yoghurt for calcium and eggs with multigrain toast for fiber and protein.

3. Show your finest side

Wear clothing that makes you feel excellent. Ask a pal to take pictures of you in all your clothing so that you can see exactly what you like best and which clothes you provide the most self-confidence. Leading suggestion: other bras work under other garments, even on the very same body!

4. Finish your outfit

For simply a couple of euros you can purchase a set of pendants at the thrift shop that will complete your appearance and change an outfit.

5. Be prepared

Overflow in mind what you want to do today, even if only to take a look at the note on the fridge. If a task disappoints you, stop and believe ‘exactly what would I say to a friend if she needed to do it?’