Fitness used to be only for the very active young adults, nowadays everybody can participate in fitness programs. Even the frail elderly can now improve their fitness or health. Fitness trends are becoming more personal. Personal trainers are becoming increasingly important and fitness equipment is becoming smarter.

The increased awareness about fitness is already reflected in the daily schedule, the way cities are planned and even the way we dress. Greater government involvement in fitness could in future lead to more programs for physical education in schools and financial incentives for people who are active.

Other fitness predictions for the future are:

Personal Training

Personal trainers are already often the key in successful health and fitness programs. Personal trainers can add a lot of value to training programs. A good trainer can put together a fitness program, but also motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals. Personal training and one-on-one guidance will become an increasingly important part of fitness in the future.

Online Coaching

Personal training will also increase in cyberspace. Customers have a “virtual” interaction with their trainers from different locations. At internet-personal training sites, customers pay a fee, for keeping records and recommendations for the training, or they work directly with a personal trainer to do a program and follow the progress and online training through online communication.

Fitness for Health

More and more people will train in the future for health reasons instead of just for the appearance. Fitness will become increasingly ‘preventive health care’ by participating in activities that are related to health. Professionals will use these principles and, in response, more and more exercise programs for health appear instead of for the appearance alone.

Mini fitness

Short and effective training sessions of 15, 30 and 45 minutes you will see a lot in the future fitness world. Fast training in small fitness clubs such as shopping centers, airports and supermarkets will become very common in the future.

Functional Strength Training
Strength training is likely to remain popular in the future and is often mentioned as an important trend. The strength training area, is therefore no longer only reserved for male bodybuilders, also the average athletes and women more and more do strength training because of the advantages; stronger bones, better muscle tone, higher metabolism and anti-aging. Strength training will generally be done to improve daily life. It is becoming a trend to improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance with the help of strength training.