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Men, we know how it is. It took you some time and effort to grow an acceptable beard. You trim it, cut it and make every morning a lot of effort to match your facial hair to your face. The moment you finally hang that thick fur around your chin, you start to experience the first problems. The skin under your beard starts to itch, you see some red spots appear and the worst of it: there is now and then some rose from your beard. How does this happen and how do you get rid of it?

Let us first say that beard rose is a common problem with beards of all shapes and sizes. It does not necessarily have to be a sign of failing hygiene, there are several causes for this problem. It is therefore nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you continue to actively seek a solution, instead of accepting it and continuing to walk around with it.

Why do I have beard rose?

What about your personal hygiene? Reason number one of irritation within your beard is namely to forsake a good wash, with a greasy skin and unhealthy hair as a result. For the sake of convenience, we assume that a good shower, including shampoo and conditioner, has already passed before you came to this article. What remains is the following five causes:

Contact dermatitis: Hypersensitivity to certain ingredients in products, resulting in skin flakes, itching and dry skin
Dry skin: Commonly associated with cold weather and / or lack of hydration.
Malassezia: Common fungal infection that nourishes sebum from the skin and secretes certain acids, resulting in irritated skin.
Pityrosporum ovale: A fungus that lives in the skin and causes skin flakes.
Stress: This can cause eczema, psoriasis and rash.
Not all of the above causes are endorsed by skin doctors. However, almost all causes can be prevented with a number of steps.

Cleanse your skin

Step 1: Make sure you wash with the right water temperature. Too hot water does not only dry out your skin, it can also damage hair follicles. Simply use lukewarm water. End the washing with cold water to seal the pores and give your beard an extra fresh feeling.

Step 2: Rub a scrub over the skin. Many grooming experts say that you first have to exfoliate before using your shampoo and / or conditioner, so that you remove all excess dirt from your face first. Put a generous amount of scrub on your hand and rub it in soft, round movements in your skin. Massage for more than a minute.