Fitness Predictions

Fitness used to be only for the very active young adults, nowadays everybody can participate in fitness programs. Even the frail elderly can now improve their fitness or health. Fitness trends are becoming more personal. Personal trainers are becoming increasingly important and fitness equipment is becoming smarter.

The increased awareness about fitness is already reflected in the daily schedule, the way cities are planned and even the way we dress. Greater government involvement in fitness could in future lead to more programs for physical education in schools and financial incentives for people who are active.

Other fitness predictions for the future are:

Personal Training

Personal trainers are already often the key in successful health and fitness programs. Personal trainers can add a lot of value to training programs. A good trainer can put together a fitness program, but also motivate and inspire you to achieve your goals. Personal training and one-on-one guidance will become an increasingly important part of fitness in the future.

Online Coaching

Personal training will also increase in cyberspace. Customers have a “virtual” interaction with their trainers from different locations. At internet-personal training sites, customers pay a fee, for keeping records and recommendations for the training, or they work directly with a personal trainer to do a program and follow the progress and online training through online communication.

Fitness for Health

More and more people will train in the future for health reasons instead of just for the appearance. Fitness will become increasingly ‘preventive health care’ by participating in activities that are related to health. Professionals will use these principles and, in response, more and more exercise programs for health appear instead of for the appearance alone.

Mini fitness

Short and effective training sessions of 15, 30 and 45 minutes you will see a lot in the future fitness world. Fast training in small fitness clubs such as shopping centers, airports and supermarkets will become very common in the future.

Functional Strength Training
Strength training is likely to remain popular in the future and is often mentioned as an important trend. The strength training area, is therefore no longer only reserved for male bodybuilders, also the average athletes and women more and more do strength training because of the advantages; stronger bones, better muscle tone, higher metabolism and anti-aging. Strength training will generally be done to improve daily life. It is becoming a trend to improve balance, coordination, strength and endurance with the help of strength training.


Maximum concentration already in the morning? Heard right! Performance Food is the nutrition of the future: the increasing demands for thinking and creativity coupled with little time require a targeted diet. This food trend helps you to significantly increase your performance and concentration and thus noticeably improve your mental performance. Here you can find out more about optimal nutrition for your brain!


This mega trend, also known as “Performance Nutrition”, includes all foods that increase your concentration. They do not make you any smarter, but they naturally contain nutrients that help you get more mental performance and staying power. Among other things, you can use the concentration-enhancing foods:

push your energy, both in sports and at work
sleep better
promote your regeneration
Reduce stress
counteract the aging process


The term performance food is often associated with functional food quickly , but it is not synonymous. Performance Food serves only to increase the performance of the brain, whereas Functional Food contains as an additive other ingredients that bring a big benefit to your overall health.

For both food trends, the Nestlé Future Study predicts a further evolving megatrend [2]. From the survey on the eating behavior of the future until 2030, three major trends emerged:

Natural, regional food that is grown and prepared in a resource-efficient way.
Personalized nutrition based on the genetics of the individual eg. B. is
tailored by previously performed blood tests.
Performance Food will play a vital role in everyday meals and on the road.

In the future, food should no longer “taste good”, but ideally should bring additional health benefits as well as a means of enhancing the brain’s performance.

Eating is less and less a social event where meals are taken with family and friends. Instead, in the future, more will be eaten on the road, at work, on the way home or to the sport. There is no time for extensive cooking and enjoyable food. It takes a quick meal whose ingredients have to be highly efficient on performance.

Take Home Message # 1: Performance Food naturally contains nutrients that help you gain more mental performance and staying power. In comparison, Functional Food also has other ingredients that bring great benefits to your overall health.

Eat less and lose weight with 5 simple tricks!

We all know it well: if you want to lose weight you have to eat less. But that’s easier said than done! Temptations lie in wait and often we quickly fall back into our old familiar pattern. How do you ensure that you really get a grip on eating less and healthier?

You can of course get professional guidance, but with some simple tricks you can make some steps yourself! Less food and filling .

Less eating and losing weight

That is what it is all about in this blog. We give you some tools to achieve your goal, elaborated in 5 simple tricks. Pay attention: sometimes ‘different’ instead of ‘less’ food is already a very good step in the direction!

Too little food is not desirable. Your body must of course receive enough nutrients to continue to perform. The following 5 tips will help you create a caloric deficit without having to walk around with a grinding stomach all day long.

1. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent Fasting is a very effective way to eat less and lose weight. Your metabolism will become more flexible. Your fat supply is there in case worse times occur and your body has to go without food. However, those ‘meager’ times hardly occur. By fasting now and then, you do agree on that stock , as nature once intended. In other words: you learn to burn fat again .

The simplest way of intermittent fasting – fasting at intervals – is to go back to three meals a day . So you have a ‘buffer’ for large meals that give you a full and satisfied feeling . The next step is to skip your breakfast and eat all your calories for that day in a time frame of 6 to 8 hours. For example between 12.00-20.00 or 13.00-19.00, depending on your personal preference.

By fasting a part of the day you have room for calories later in the day. Because you are allowed to eat relatively high-calorie meals, you have less of a feeling that you are ‘dieting’. Remember that fasting is not a license to eat whatever you want. Calories and macros count – as always – still.

2. App for calories / IIFYM

Eating less starts with a bit of awareness. Recording and keeping track of what you eat and drink can therefore be super useful. There are now many apps available that you can use as a diary and also immediately calculate the number of calories and associated nutritional value.

You can indicate in advance what your goal is, so that you immediately see if you exceed a certain limit. Very user-friendly and free! An example is the FatSecret app .

3. IIFYM (If It Fit’s Your Macros)

Have you ever heard of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros)? That is a way of eating where there is room for your favorite snacks (sweets, fast food) provided you keep a certain amount and ratio of macros. You then send the number of kilocalories, proteins , fats and carbohydrates that you need per day to reach your goal.

This way of eating works well for some people. But here, too, it is not a license to simply stow everything inside. The 80-20 rule is a good direction that you can hold, or 80% healthy and 20% sin.

4. Less carbohydrates

Carbohydrates, with the exception of fruit and vegetables , are not building materials but ‘only’ fuels. Despite the fact that we are all physically far less burned, the share of carbohydrates just increased! Just check how many carbohydrates you consume ( bread , crackers , rice , vegetables, pasta , biscuits, sweets , fruit, breakfast cereals ) daily.

A simple way of eating less and losing weight is to limit the amount of carbohydrates if you are not physically active. Try to leave at least one meal a day with cereals (bread, pasta, rice, cereal) and eat a lot of vegetables instead.

Incidentally, your body does indeed need carbohydrates! It is only about adjusting the amount of carbohydrates to your actual needs.

5. More fiber and protein!

Fibers in carbohydrates ensure that these are absorbed more slowly and keep your blood sugar levels more constant. Fruit, vegetables and wholemeal grain products contain the most fibers. Fun fact: rye bread contains a lot of fiber, just like Brinta !

Proteins also have a satiating effect. If you eat them you will have the feeling that you have been satisfied or are ‘full’. Carbohydrates have that effect much less. We always want more of the processed or refined carbohydrates, such as cake, candy and white flour products.

Natural products for rapid weight loss

If you follow a diet, however simple, easy or fast it is, you always have to use a movement routine. By incorporating movement into your daily routine you can strengthen the musculoskeletal system, lose weight faster and improve your blood pressure and heart rate.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is best known as a detoxification agent, but that does not mean that it can not play a role in weight loss. Aloe Vera juice is widely recommended, thanks to the digestive accelerators and the ability to rid your body of toxins in a short time.


Ginseng, a plant that provides energy and accelerates metabolism, is well known as a fat burner. Siberian Ginseng is preferred because it also helps to suppress needs and provide a natural energy boost.

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, the substance that gives the hot and spicy character to the pepper. Once taken it can reduce the amount of fat in your blood and the fat layers on your body, so you lose weight quickly.


Cinnamon can help by strengthening your metabolism and regulating the sugar levels in your blood. Cinnamon also reduces triglycerides and cholesterol levels and makes your body process glucose better – important properties that make you less in need of food during the day.

Celery tea

Celery tea, made by doing celery in boiling water, is a great addition to your routine for weight loss. It helps to keep glucose, blood pressure and rheumatic diseases within bounds. Also realize that if you use it, it should be the only liquid you take and that it should be used for three days.


Mint is a very useful plant for weight loss because it speeds up your digestion and works against toxins and waste in your body.

Burn more fat by training on an empty stomach

In 1988 a study was published looking at the effect of a meal on energy consumption during exercise. The energy consumption was examined during exertion before a meal and just after a meal. There was no difference in the total amount of energy consumed. However, the participants burned more fat with an empty stomach compared to athletes who had recently eaten. The meal for exercise did not result in a higher energy consumption, but that less fat was burned [1]. The conclusion of this research has led many athletes to decide to train on an empty stomach, with the intention of burning fat and losing weight. But how complete and recent is this research. Is exercise on an empty stomach now so sensible? And does this method really work? Below you will find an answer.

The short answer: despite the fact that you burn more fats with an effort on an empty stomach, this does not mean that you burn more calories – and you will probably not be able to lose weight faster by training on an empty stomach. In addition, exercising on an empty stomach has a negative effect on performance.

Energy consumption

Just back to the basics: to lose weight it is important to create a negative energy balance. This can be done simply in three ways: by eating less, or more exercise; or of course a combination of both. Training in itself has a positive effect on energy combustion, but does it also make sense to run around in the morning without breakfast? B


Cortisol, also called hydrocortisone, belongs to the glucocorticoids. These adrenal cortex hormones affect the glucose balance in the body [3] . The release is associated with stress. Cortisol production is increased if the body is subject to stress. By this I mean not only mental stress, but also an increased physical load. The cortisol concentration in the blood depends on the athlete’s load; the greater the load, the greater the separation.

Cortisol causes the blood sugar concentration in the blood plasma to increase, and is therefore a functional hormone: the body needs extra glucose in stress situations. Cortisol also inhibits glucose uptake by the cells, resulting in more glucose in the blood. In addition, it promotes the production of glucose in the liver and muscles. To make this possible, glucose formation (gluconeogenesis) takes place from glycerol and lactic acid, but also from amino acids. Cortisol inhibits protein formation and promotes the breakdown of proteins, especially in the muscles, so that amino acids are released for gluconeogenesis [3] . This is something that you do not strive for with training; what you want is that the amino acids are used for protein synthesis (muscle recovery) and that the blood sugar is burned as an energy source.

Furthermore, training on an empty stomach stimulates the release of cortisol, which can lead to the breakdown of proteins in the muscles. The best thing for the activity is to consume a carbohydrate-rich meal in order to build up an optimal carbohydrate supply. I recommend taking a meal with a cardio workout for up to two hours before the workout. This is because of the risk of gastrointestinal complaints. Up to one hour before exercise, you can eat a lightly digestible snack, such as a piece of fruit, a bowl of yogurt or a sandwich [4]. People who do expensive or interval training should ideally eat earlier than two hours in advance. When practicing strength training, it will not be a problem for many to eat warm up to an hour before the workout.

Hair loss due to creatine use

Creatine is one of the most commonly used supplements by athletes. It also has widespread use among fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. Because of the low price, little to no side effects and a visible quick result, creatine is a popular supplement among people who would like to add some extra muscle mass. One of the questions that regularly arises is whether creatine causes hair loss.

What is creatine

In addition to whey, creatine is probably the best-known supplement for those engaged in strength training and fitness. In principle, creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid, which is found among other things in meat and fish and is also produced by the human body itself in the liver, kidneys and pancreas. It is converted into creatine phosphate and stored in the muscle tissue, where it is used as an energy source. At high exertion, such as a sprint or weightlifting, it is then converted into ATP, one of the most important ‘fuels’ in the body.

The supplementing of creatine is very popular and is done in many professional sports (including football, athletics, basketball).

What does it do

Research shows that results are especially strong in sports where the load is high but short-lived. The supplement is therefore not recommended for endurance sports. The reason that footballers take it, for example, is that they also regularly undergo strength training sessions to increase their muscle mass. The performance-enhancing effects and increase in muscle mass are more or less indisputable in science. Anecdotal evidence shows that the effectiveness can vary from person to person.

What is hair loss

Every day we lose about 50-100 hairs, it is estimated. When we lose a lot more hairs per day, we run the risk of becoming bald. Men are particularly at risk and we therefore speak of male baldness, but women can also suffer from this. The most common cause of hair loss is hereditary hair loss, also called Androgenetic Alopecia.
This is a hereditary sensitivity to the hormone dihydrotestosterone , in short DHT.

The presence of DHT has the following consequences:

DHT shortens the anagen growth phase: the hairs are thinner
DHT increases the number of hairs in the telogen ‘drop-out’ phase
DHT eventually causes the shriveling of the hair roots

Creatine and hair loss

According to a research, there is no evidence, nor indication, that creatine supplementation seems to cause direct hair loss. Yet there are people who report that they experience an increased loss of hair after using creatine. This could be because increased creatine intake can increase DHT levels. This means that although creatine itself does not seem to cause baldness directly, it can accelerate the process of hair loss by increasing DHT levels if one is already sensitive to DHT. In other words, if you have been genetically ‘condemned’ to this type of baldness, DHT can speed up this process. natural hair growth products

Dandruff in the beard: How do I get rid of it?

Every man with a beard knows this problem. My Beard Guy has the solution for you here Visit –

Men, we know how it is. It took you some time and effort to grow an acceptable beard. You trim it, cut it and make every morning a lot of effort to match your facial hair to your face. The moment you finally hang that thick fur around your chin, you start to experience the first problems. The skin under your beard starts to itch, you see some red spots appear and the worst of it: there is now and then some rose from your beard. How does this happen and how do you get rid of it?

Let us first say that beard rose is a common problem with beards of all shapes and sizes. It does not necessarily have to be a sign of failing hygiene, there are several causes for this problem. It is therefore nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you continue to actively seek a solution, instead of accepting it and continuing to walk around with it.

Why do I have beard rose?

What about your personal hygiene? Reason number one of irritation within your beard is namely to forsake a good wash, with a greasy skin and unhealthy hair as a result. For the sake of convenience, we assume that a good shower, including shampoo and conditioner, has already passed before you came to this article. What remains is the following five causes:

Contact dermatitis: Hypersensitivity to certain ingredients in products, resulting in skin flakes, itching and dry skin
Dry skin: Commonly associated with cold weather and / or lack of hydration.
Malassezia: Common fungal infection that nourishes sebum from the skin and secretes certain acids, resulting in irritated skin.
Pityrosporum ovale: A fungus that lives in the skin and causes skin flakes.
Stress: This can cause eczema, psoriasis and rash.
Not all of the above causes are endorsed by skin doctors. However, almost all causes can be prevented with a number of steps.

Cleanse your skin

Step 1: Make sure you wash with the right water temperature. Too hot water does not only dry out your skin, it can also damage hair follicles. Simply use lukewarm water. End the washing with cold water to seal the pores and give your beard an extra fresh feeling.

Step 2: Rub a scrub over the skin. Many grooming experts say that you first have to exfoliate before using your shampoo and / or conditioner, so that you remove all excess dirt from your face first. Put a generous amount of scrub on your hand and rub it in soft, round movements in your skin. Massage for more than a minute.

7 Vital Health Tips For Men

Health tips on a site about attraction? Eh, why? Due to the fact that your physical and especially your psychological health as a male also impacts your tourist attraction. Is that not sensible?

Most males take their health for approved. The body does everything it needs to do so well that you do not even notice exactly what can be found in from it.

Whatever alters the minute a health complaint turns up. Serious neck and back pain, some annoying condition. Or you will truly get ill. Then health only buckles down attention.

Avoiding health issue is much better than treatment. That is why I offer ideas on my tourist attraction -website likewise for much better condition, health and total care. And today you get 7 basic suggestions for much better health.

Later, more guidance will follow in this location.

They are basic in the sense that they are easy to use. Do not undervalue the value of these 7 pointers

In random order in a row:

Health tip # 1. Brush your teeth carefully

We have all learned to brush our teeth twice a day. Just what is the proper way of brushing? There is often unpredictability about this.

My most important suggestion: use a soft tooth brush and replace it at least when every 6 months. Do not put firm pressure on the toothbrush, it really does not polish much better. No, brushing too hard can trigger tooth (meat) issues.

Health tip# 2. Drink enough water and little alcohol

Consume approximately between 1.5 and 2 liters of water each day. For example, waste and toxins can easily be eliminated from within. Good for your health in several ways.

Do you like to consume a great deal of alcohol? Consume less, and even less. Eh, I most likely will not change your mind.

Make a minimum of a practice of consuming a glass of water per glass of alcohol. In this manner your body has enough fluid to process the alcohol. It can also make a heavy hangover.

Health tip# 3. You are not obliged to empty your plate

The number of individuals with overweight is increasing. And there is likewise more and more dieting in the hope that it helps. Is not prevention better than treatment? Obviously!

Do you have the tendency to entirely clear your plate of food whenever, even if you have overblown? Do it too often and you stretch your stomach a little bit more.

With a larger stomach you have to consume more to get a pleased feeling, so you consume much more than in the past. You will immediately pertain to that. In the end, a temporary diet plan does not put a lot of effort on the dike.

Truly, you do not need to eat your plate empty. Uncalled for.

Health tip# 4. Empty your bladder totally during urination

This suggestion was given by coach Caroline Franssen during a recent radio interview. Purging your bladder totally empty is specifically crucial for women, due to the fact that the chance of a bladder infection is many times higher in women. Especially after a totally free party.

We guys have the advantage that the urethra is a lot longer. But, cystitis is the most common infection in people. By not stopping urinating prematurely, you can decrease the risk of such a nasty bladder infection. Pressing does not make any sense. You pee harder, however the beam ends up being thinner.

Sitting rather of standing peeing is probably better, because your pelvic flooring muscles can relax better throughout urination; you can actually empty your bladder totally. It might also postpone/ prevent prostate issues later in life.

Health tip # 5. Do not press hard

This fifth pointer might appear like a stranger to your health, but this pointer must not be missing for your health as a guy.

One in three Dutch people in some cases have piles … This condition can be frustrating due to the fact that of the itching, it can even injure.

By never ever pressing hard again the chance is considerably smaller that you will ever get hemorrhoids. Good!

Health tip# 6. Take a 30-minute walk daily

Hopefully you will be a regular professional athlete and you will get enough exercise throughout the week. Still, take it an action further for your health.

In the past it was believed that a high heart beat, sweating is actually healthy. Nevertheless, a growing number of modern-day research studies reveal that a half hour walk is actually really healthy. Good for the lungs, your heart, capillary, and so on. And it can also enhance your mood.

With as a reward, who understands you may also fulfill interesting women while strolling …

Health tip# 7. Think about doing relaxation exercises

Is not it impressive that I offer unique relaxation workouts in a variety of programs for a better love life? To improve your destination, a relaxed (life) attitude is important.

The technique is not to fret about what is going on in your life. Even if it protests you, do your finest to take time for yourself and loosen up; physically and psychologically.

Simply closing your eyes, picturing how your limbs relax and after that focus on your breath for a while, that may well be your health. Do it two times a day, daily. It only takes you a couple of minutes.

Need to know more about doing relaxation exercises? Inform me by publishing a comment.

Health tip# 8. Cum more frequently

Yes, I have conserved the tastiest pointer last.

A recent American study reveals that men who have an orgasm regularly have less risk of prostate cancer.

The advice is to get at least 12 times a month so that your prostate stays in great condition. Great for your health and it is good too.

5 Grandma Tips To Fight Against Flu

You begin hearing it once again: flu! Regrettably, no drug assists treat flu. Products at the drugstore might decrease the undesirable signs, however the influenza lasts for as long. Exactly what does assist with flu, a sore throat or a stuffy nose? Grannies pointers.

1. Elderberries enhance the body immune system

Elderberries are understood to work well versus viruses and to make the immune system more powerful. A few tablespoons of elderberry syrup a day does wonders for your influenza. Prepare yourself? Boil the elderberries until they are soft and burst open. Strain the juice that is launched and add it together with candy sugar (note: 1 liter of juice indicates 1 kg of sugar) until it forms a gelatinous whole.

2. Sea salt and sage against an aching throat

Do you have a sore throat? You can reduce this by for example gargling with sea salt. Sea salt works because it is anti-inflammatory. If you integrate this with sage, you can even momentarily eliminate the sore throat.

Try one of these variants.

– Gargle with seawater: liquify one teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water and rinse four times a day. – Make a hot drink of sage tea and sea salt: 250 ml. boiling water, 2 teaspoons dried sage and 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt. Pour the water over the sage, cover and enable to instill for ten minutes. Sift the sage from the water, include the sea salt and gurgle a number of times a day.

Another tip: if you have an aching throat pain, cover a damp cold tea towel with a thick wool scarf around the neck. The throat feels a lot better the next morning.

3. Garlic and onion against blocked airways

Cut an onion into large pieces and place them on a dish next to your bed. Or sometimes eat a raw clove of garlic. Garlic and onion contain antiviral and anti-bacterial homes. And the strong smells they spread out have a favorable impact on clogged up respiratory tracts. A steam bath with garlic rather of the more typical menthol also helps.

4. Brown sugar for cough

Kriebelhoest, stuck cough, sore throat … It stays irritating. Yet, according to the grandma, you need to not reduce a coughing fit. Coughing keeps your respiratory tracts clean. If you want to relieve the cough, make your very own syrup.

Mix melted butter with brown sugar and cognac or sugar water. Or mix half a teaspoon of honey with half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Alternative three: stir together two tablespoons of honey and 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil and sometimes take a teaspoon. These mixtures oil the throat.

5. Drink a lot of water

Drink a lot and particularly water, that is in fact grandma’s tip number 1. Water assists to eliminate waste items from your body.

Other excellent beverages are.

Ginger tea This dish helps versus sore throat, a stuffy nose and chills. Put three teaspoons of grated ginger root in half a liter of water and let it simmer for 10 minutes in a covered pan. Strain the entire and add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey.

Herbal tea The following mixture makes you perspire, works anti-inflammatory and relieves pain and irregularity. Mix three equal parts of dried elderflower, peppermint and yarrow and put 2 tablespoons in a cup of warm water. Add honey, ginger root and a cinnamon stay with taste and consume this tea before bedtime.

Chicken broth Pull chicken stock in a big pan. Include 6 peeled onions, a few cloves of garlic, a spoonful of honey, cayenne pepper and a piece of fresh ginger. The steam coming from the broth relieves the clog of the nose and airways. In addition, bouillon works anti-inflammatory.

10 Tips For Memory Enhancement

Our operating depends partially on what we can find out and hold. With age, some dust can end up in the upper space. That is why we provide you 10 pointers so that you get rid of this thick layer of dust.

Use it or lose it

When you go to the health club, your muscles grow when you stop or hardly move, your muscle volume decreases again. This is likewise the case with our brain, research study has actually shown that if you discover a 2nd language that you have less opportunity of dementia or Alzheimer’s. So buy puzzle books, take a mobile phone and install a brain training app or check out a new city. Memory of Mahjong also stimulate the brain. Your brains want to be challenged, which keeps them sharp and young – up to aging.

Sleep well at night

You may think you are oversleeping your sleep, however absolutely nothing is less true. Your brain is running at full speed. Your brain is hectic assessing the details and moving the info from the short-term memory to the long-term memory. So now you have a great excuse to sleep out!

Keep moving

The brain depends on blood, which should have plenty of oxygen and structure products. If here is a barrier, your brain might work less well and you might forget things earlier. Make sure you keep moving so that your brain is well distributed and has enough energy for their job. They just weigh 1.3 kilos however they take in more than 30% of the energy that is consumed in your body.

Watch Your Diet

60% of the dry mass of your brain consists of fat. All cells in your body include a double layer of fats and cholesterol. Even the cells in your cells, called the organelles, also consist of fat. So first off select good fats such as saturated animal fat and polyunsaturated fat from fish, the omega-3 fats. Herring, mackerel and salmon are abundant in these fats. Do not utilize too much omega-6 such as sunflower oil since we typically get enough of that. Never bake in omega-3 or 6, because those oils can endure heating and oxidise. If you consume the wrong fats, your brain cells can not communicate optimally. In addition to good fats, anti-oxidants are likewise very good. These can be discovered in chocolate, green tea and vibrant fruits and vegetables.Celtic sea salt for ideal electrolyte balance so that your brain can stay alert.

Use these supplements

Ginkgo biloba greatly enhances blood flow and can definitely be used to keep the brain young. There are many anti-oxidants in Ginkgo biloba, that if there is a nuclear disaster somewhere, this tree is untouched and there is still a glowing bloom. In addition, you can also pick vitamin B (especially B12), vitamin C and some minerals such as magnesium and zinc. Magnesium, according to some doctors, heals ADHD and autism, also says something. Folic acid and phosphatidylserine are likewise worth trying.

Repeating is not dull

If you wish to discover something, it is much better to duplicate smidgens more frequently than to take a lot of information from time to time. The brain requires repetition to consolidate info. Every artist knows that. It is just scheduled for a few individuals to go through life with a photographic memory. Another advantage: when you see or hear something for the second time, you will notice that you missed out on something the time before. So after the 5th time I might still discover brand-new layers in the film Forrest Gump.

Associate with your brain

It is really tough for your brain to offer new info a place, however it is easier to connect it to existing and currently existing details. See it like this: an exit is constructed in this way, but a brand-new motorway can take quite some time. Almost, this suggests that with new material you can better try to find leads that are known to you.

Keep stress at a distance

At minutes of stress your body is in survival mode, that suggests that energy goes to the muscles and lower brains and not to the higher parts of the brain where your memory is. Some individuals do not even understand their own name under tension. This has nothing to do with intelligence, however whatever with tension. Ensure you are durable to tension and that you get rid of all sources of stress from your life. Seeing whether your adrenal glands remain in balance can not hurt either. Stress can also stem from your ideas and interpretations of reality, but likewise from food in the form of coffee, alcohol, sugar and contaminants.

Picture your truth

Raw information through dry letters and words is challenging to keep in mind for your brain, but if you add a performance to it, you speak a larger part of the brain, making it much easier to remember more. Simply try to think of that you keep your shopping list in the closet. Will you then wager more than without efficiency?


Attention is very important to bear in mind things well, almost everyone understands that. It is just really hard to always listen. In our time our head is so filled with the pressure of the day. Therefore discover how to practice meditation. This brings you to rest which is even hormonally measurable. The hormone pregnenolone is very important for a great memory function of the brain. In addition to better hormone values, meditation also teaches you to focus, so that your memory can work better. Several studies have actually currently revealed that the brain continues to alter after a couple of months of everyday meditation.

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